Bicycle Campaigns

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Nimble Guerilla Campaign

The “Power Cruiser” – A customized wrapped bike/trailer will build your brand and educate consumers on where your store or event is located, encouraging consumers to VISIT NOW!

Flyer public areas around your store, tent, or booth.

Bicycle Guerilla in the park
Guerilla Marketing in public parks
Branded Bike and Trailer Guerilla Campaign
  • City Street Blitz
  • Trade Shows
  • Promotions that have visitors “camping out”

Blender Bikes

EXCELLENT for Onsite customer appreciation, drink sampling, or health & fitness events

Features: Bringing pedal-powered activities to your event increases fun and participation. Our bike provides a way for people to use their own muscle power and instantly achieve a delightful and memorable result making their own Bulletproof Coffee, Smoothies, or Frappuccinos

Blender Bike 2
Blender Bike instore

“It’s a no-brainer,” says Vicki Caisley, Southern Cross Health Society HR. “Once people see them they’re immediately keen to have a go. It creates a massive buzz when we take them into a workplace and people willingly queue to take a turn at exercising. In terms of engagement, these bikes are a phenomenal success.” -

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